How do you care for a newly refinished wood floor?

What happens after we transform your floors into beautiful works of art? How do you care for your newly refinished wood floor? Do you know how to maintain it properly?
Our guys at Art of Clean will make your wood floor look amazing, as you can see in this picture:

I didn’t know, so don’t feel you’re alone in this. I would’ve said you sweep, mop, and leave it to dry. Yeah, that’s not the ideal way, so I thought I would educate us all properly, as we don’t want you to ruin our newly done floors. When you invest money, it’s important to look after that investment, and I will help you learn how.

Before we go too far, we affiliate with Ultimate Floor Care and the fantastic Pallmann products. We would use this brand of products to finish your floor after we’ve sanded it.

A little background into why we use Pallmann:

Ultimate floor care supplies all our products, backed by the fantastic German manufacturer Pallmann. Pallmann specialises in high-quality wood floor treatment and maintenance products. They were established over 120 years ago and are unmatched in product development and innovation. Because Pallmann products are advanced, we always recommend using their specially developed cleaning products for wood floor finishes. 

The products we recommend and why:

  • After using an oil-based finish:

 For routine maintenance, we recommend Pallmann Magic Oil Care for floors finished using Magic Oil. This product will refresh the floor by topping up the protection levels provided by the Magic Oil 2K wood surface treatment. 

  • After using a Lacquer:

For routine maintenance Pallmann Finish Care is fantastic for improving the lacquer coats and the surface of parquet flooring and sealed wood. This product is also good at making the Lacquer slip-resistant.

  • Quick and easy maintenance:

The specially developed wood floor cleaning kit is called Pallmann Clean N Go. The Pallmann Clean and Go kit is incredible as it contains a PH-neutral all-purpose cleaner for dirt on wood floors. The kit includes a Pallmann Clean & Go mop, microfiber cleaning pad and microfiber dusting pad, and all the cleaning solutions I have mentioned. All the products we would use are available to buy online from Ultimate Floor Care.

To view all the products above, Click here.

Please remember:

I cannot stress enough how important it is to choose the correct Pallmann cleaning products to match the finish of your floor. 

Your technician will discuss what finish they will use on your floor, Lacquer or oil.

At the end of the sanding and refinishing process, your Art of Clean technician will recommend the correct cleaning product to use.

Ask them what they recommend if you have someone else, and they don’t mention it. Or even what they used to finish the floor and then decide from there what you need.  

All our fully trained techs are here for you all. If you have any questions about the routine cleaning of your wood floor or would like to know more information about Pallmann wood floor cleaning products, please don’t hesitate to contact us or Cameron at Ultimate Floor Care.

We know how significant your investments are to you, and ensuring you know how to look after newly finished wood floors in the best way possible is extremely important to us!

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Written by Tracey Gilbey, Marketing and Admin Coordinator at Art of Clean.