Wood Floor Restoration

We are specialists in all types of wood flooring restoration. From simple spot repairs to complete large scale restoration, our skilled tradesman can restore your wooden flooring to its former glory.
Wood floor restoration

Floor Sanding and Polishing You Can Count on.

We’re affiliated with The Ultimate Floor Sanding Company. That means you get industry-standard standing methods.

Tough on Standards, Soft on Wood
We’ll apply different processes to different wood floors to ensure the greatest care, and the most satisfying wood floor restoration finish.


  • Dust-free floor sanding service
  • Gently applied protective coatings
  • Oil & lacquer for a fine finish of your choice


Don’t Need Sanding?
If there’s no need for sanding, we’ll deep-clean and finish with the right luxury oil to bring back the sheen.

Before We Quote
First we’ll need to take a look at your specific floor so we know what needs doing and how. Get in touch and we’ll set a date to visit you and your wood floor restoration project.