How Long Will Glued Down Old Parquet Blocks Last?

Parquet flooring is a timeless, elegant choice for homeowners, adding character and warmth to any space. However, as with any flooring material, a parquet can face issues over time, especially if it’s been in place for many years. One common concern is the longevity of parquet blocks that you have had glued down. In this blog post, we’ll look into the factors that affect the durability of glued-down parquet blocks and explore solutions to ensure your floor endures for years to come.

Understanding the Challenge

Rebecca Ferristone raised an essential question: Can glueing down loose parquet blocks guarantee that they won’t come up again, and if so, for how long? To address this concern, we need to consider the nature of parquet floors, the adhesives used, and potential solutions.

Bitumen Glue: The Culprit

They installed many older parquet floors using bitumen glue, which served both as an adhesive and a damp-proof membrane. While bitumen glue was effective in its time, it has a significant drawback—it dries out and becomes brittle over the years. This ageing process can lead to parquet blocks coming loose.

The Domino Effect

Parquet floors are known for their “domino effect.” Once a few blocks start to come loose, it’s not uncommon for the problem to spread. If addressed, you have more chance of the blocks staying tight. This phenomenon is often due to the ageing of the bitumen glue.

The Right Adhesive Matters

When securing loose parquet blocks, choosing a suitable adhesive is crucial. Water-based glues may not adhere well to old bitumen glue, so they recommend opting for adhesives with solvents. One such adhesive is the Lecol 5500 glue, which has shown promising results in adhering to aged bitumen.

Alternative Adhesives

While Lecol 5500 is a popular choice, other adhesives like Lumberjack 160 Wood Bond and Bostik Damp Proofer also come highly recommended. These adhesives are known for their strong bonding properties, especially with old bitumen glue. Seeker 5500 S is another option that you can use to secure parquet blocks effectively.

No Guarantees, but Reliable Results

It’s essential to understand that even with the right adhesive, there are no guarantees that glued-down parquet blocks will last forever. Over time, environmental factors, foot traffic, and the natural ageing of materials can still affect the floor’s integrity. However, it’s worth noting that professional floor restoration services typically yield lasting results.

A Long-Term Perspective

If you’re looking for a foolproof, long-term solution, the best approach may involve lifting and relaying the entire parquet floor using modern adhesives. While this is a significant undertaking, it ensures the highest level of durability and stability.

My Final Thoughts

When dealing with loose parquet blocks on an older floor, choosing the right adhesive that can effectively bond with the aged bitumen glue is essential. While there are no absolute guarantees of longevity, using quality adhesives and professional restoration services can significantly extend the life of your parquet floor.

Rebecca, as you prepare for your upcoming parquet floor project, keep in mind the importance of selecting a suitable adhesive and considering the long-term perspective. With the proper care and maintenance, your beautifully restored parquet floor can continue to grace your home for years to come, preserving its timeless charm and enduring quality.

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Written by Tracey Gilbey, Marketing

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