What is the Best Mop to Clean Wood Floors?

Choosing the right cleaning tools is essential when it comes to looking after and maintaining the natural beauty of your hardwood floors. Natural hardwood floors are an elegant addition to any home but require proper care to preserve their lustre and longevity. In this blog, we’ll look at one of the best mops for cleaning wood floors, using a helpful YouTube Video as our guide.

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We always recommend the use of the Pallmann Clean n Go Kit. But it comes with a few accessories, so we created this blog to help you understand what the kit includes.

Understanding Your Cleaning Kit

One of the first steps to effective wood floor maintenance is understanding the components of your cleaning kit. In the transcript, Sue shares her confusion about the various mop heads and instructions. Let’s break down the key features:

1. White Mop Head: 

This is your dry soil removal tool. Think of it as a replacement for your broom or vacuum cleaner. They designed its soft, fluffy bristles to attract and collect dry soil and dust. However, sweeping before using this mop for heavy, dry soil is better.

2. Microfiber Mop Head: 

The microfiber mop head is ideal for damp cleaning. It attaches easily to the handle, and you can use it for regular maintenance. It’s highly effective at trapping dirt and grime without causing damage to your wood floors.

3. Fluffy Mop Head: 

This mop head is suitable for dry dusting and light cleaning tasks. You can use it after using the white mop head to give your floors a final touch and remove all dust and debris.

4. Cleaning Solution: 

The cleaning kit includes a spray cleaner, a general-purpose solution for everyday cleaning. It’s great for spot cleaning and refreshing your wood floors.


The handle is what connects everything together, allowing you to manoeuvre the mop heads and clean your floors efficiently.

How to Use Your Cleaning Kit

Now that you know what each component is for, let’s discuss how to use them effectively to clean your wood floors.

1. Dry Soil Removal (White Mop Head):

Use the white mop head to remove dry soil and dust from your floors. It’s like a gentle broom that attracts particles with its static electricity. While it won’t replace sweeping entirely, it’s excellent for light cleaning.

2. Damp Cleaning (Microfiber Mop Head): 

After dry soil removal, switch to the microfiber mop head. Please attach it to the handle and use it with the provided spray cleaner. This combination removes dirt and makes your wood floors look clean and shiny.

3. Fluffy Mop Head: 

If you want to add an extra touch of cleanliness, use the fluffy mop head after the microfiber mop head to ensure you have picked up any remaining dust and debris

4. Maintenance and Sustainability: 

Don’t discard the spray cleaner bottle when it’s empty. These bottles are durable and environmentally friendly. You can refill them with a mixture of Pallmann neutral cleaner diluted at a ratio of 100:1, which is cost-effective and eco-friendly.

5. Deep Cleaning:

While the kit is excellent for regular upkeep, remember that wood floors need a deeper cleaning every few weeks. For this, you’ll want to use a mop and bucket with a solution of Pallmann neutral cleaner to cleanse your floors thoroughly.

Caring for your wood floors can be a manageable task. With the right tools & knowledge, you can easily keep them looking their best. The “Pallmann Clean Go Kit” offers a convenient and effective solution for everyday wood floor maintenance. The combination of the white mop head for dry soil removal, the microfiber mop head for damp cleaning, and the fluffy mop head for finishing touches, along with the eco-friendly spray cleaner, ensures your wood floors stay in top condition.

Remember, preserving the environment is just as important as preserving your wood floors. By reusing the spray cleaner bottle with a diluted solution, you not only save money but also reduce plastic waste, contributing to a cleaner, greener world.

So, if you’re wondering what the best mop is to clean wood floors, the Pallmann Clean Go Kit provides a comprehensive and eco-conscious solution that will leave your floors gleaming and your conscience clear. Say goodbye to confusing cleaning routines and hello to the beauty of well-maintained wood floors.

Happy Mopping!!

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Written by Tracey Gilbey, Marketing

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