What is the Cheapest Way to Update Hardwood Floors?

In this blog, we will cover “what is the cheapest way to update your hardwood floors” and provide a link to a blog to help you with the restoration if you wish to DIY it.

Restoring or updating hardwood floors can quickly become expensive, especially if you’re considering a professional touch. However, if you’re on a budget, options are still available to spruce up your tired or worn-out floors.

The section to help you DIY it is under “Do It Yourself or Call a Professional?” 

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Know The Condition of Your Floor First

Before diving into DIY methods or cheap fixes, it’s crucial to understand the state of your hardwood floors. You can do a simple test: mop the floor and see if some high-traffic areas darken compared to the rest of the floor. This darkness is a sign that the floor finish is worn out and may require more intensive care. If the floor is in good condition, there might be better long-term solutions than the cheapest way.

Products That Can Help

We collaborate with flooring experts, and you can apply some care products after thoroughly cleaning your hardwood floors. 

For oiled floors, Pallmann’s Magical Oil Care is a good option. 

On lacquered floors, try Pallmann’s Finished Care or to make them less slippery, try Finish Care Stop

These are not permanent solutions but can extend the life of your hardwood floor, at least temporarily.

Steps to Apply Care Products:

  1. Clean the floor thoroughly.
  2. Apply the care product on the most worn-out areas.
  3. Apply 2-3 coats on high-traffic areas and 1-2 coats over the rest of the floor.

Refreshing the Look

If your hardwood floor is just a bit worn out and you want to refresh its look, you can “key back” the floor. This involves cleaning the floor and lightly sanding it with very fine sandpaper. After this, a fresh coat of lacquer or oil can be applied, depending on the original finish.

Steps for Refreshing:

  1. Clean the floor.
  2. Sand it lightly with fine sandpaper (don’t remove the original finish).
  3. Apply a fresh coat of lacquer or oil.

Do It Yourself or Call a Professional?

While some tutorials and blogs may help you through the DIY route, keep in mind that you can’t easily replicate the extensive knowledge that professionals have. When you’re dealing with hardwood floors, small mistakes can become costly in the long run. A badly done DIY job might require professional intervention, making it more expensive than initially estimated.

Feeling proud after you’ve accomplished something is also what you might want. So, this blog I’ve written will help you with the process: Can I sand my hardwood floors myself?

Important Points

  • Oiled floors can be re-oiled to freshen them up.
  • Consider your skill level and the tools at hand. You will need to hire sanding machines, and the cost can add up.
  • Do not underestimate the complexity. Sanding involves various grit sizes and specific techniques for a reason.

My Final Thoughts

Before diving into the cheapest way to update your hardwood floors… think about the long-term consequences.

Sometimes, investing in professional restoration might be cheaper in the long run. However, if your floors are in decent shape, specific care products and minor DIY refreshing can indeed extend their life without breaking the bank.

Need more advice? Professionals at Art of Clean can guide you through your specific needs, helping you make the best decision for your hardwood floors.

The Interview With The Expert:

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Written by Tracey Gilbey, Marketing

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