Why are wood floors so popular?

Why are wood floors so popular? Since working for Art of Clean, I have seen the beauty of restoring worn wood floors. I would LOVE a hardwood floor now! The results are stunning, so why wouldn’t you:

If you want to see in-depth reasons why a wood floor is so popular, head to the section headed ‘Five reasons why wood floors are so popular. If you’re interested in that, then the section headed ‘Good questions to consider and ask the professional before getting or restoring your wood floor, would be a good read too.

Can’t you see yourself entertaining your friends this Christmas, with the lights bouncing off the floor beautifully, enhancing your gorgeous wood floor? The rich, warm look of hardwood is priceless, and I say this a lot ‘Why wouldn’t you: 

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Anyway, let’s get down to why you came in the first place.

Five reasons why wood floors are so popular:

  1. Wood flooring is easier to clean and maintain. 
  2. It improves the value of your home.
  3. This type of flooring is excellent for people that have allergies or asthma.
  4. Hardwood floors can last for 100’s years.
  5. They are authentic, stylish and timeless.

So, as you can see, the five reasons are enough to make a wood floor popular. I feel Reason 2 is probably the best reason why… who doesn’t want to add value to their home? And something that lasts a long time sounds like a dream come true! 

Oh, and really?? Why wouldn’t you????:

Good questions to consider and ask the professional before getting or restoring your wood floor:

1. What are your design preferences in your home? 

Do you want one of the most versatile flooring options? If the answer is yes, then you want a hardwood floor. Everything about this material is elegant but neutral and never goes out of style. However, it would help to consider your interior design preferences and what already exists in your home. Doing it this way means choosing a material that flatters the rest of your already beautiful space.

Just a little example – you already have wood cabinets, ceiling beams, skirting boards, or doors, you will want to be sure you take the finish and colour into account. I’m not saying they must match, but you will want to avoid any clashing. 

Additionally, a large amount of dark wood can make a room appear dim and small. You may want to think about going for a lighter shade to balance things out. 

2. Where will you install your wood floor?

Hardwood floors are most definitely a beautiful feature in your living room, stairs, bedrooms, and basement. Knowing there will be a lot of traffic, picking the right finish is critical as thinking about preventing damage. 

After thinking about these areas, the next areas to watch are laundry rooms, bathrooms, kitchens, or any room with high moisture content, as this can damage the boards. 

You can avoid these issues with specific finishes, so it’s always best to check with the professional who fits or restores your floor.

3. What type of material is your subfloor?

Yes, you will need to figure out your subfloor material or ask your professional to come out and do a free-of-charge quote. This will help determine which type of wood will be a suitable floor-covering choice for your chosen space.

4. Would you prefer unfinished or prefinished hardwood flooring or engineered hardwood?

Unfinished hardwood flooring – is sanded to a smooth, even finish and then finished onsite.


  • Raw wood offers endless options as you can customise it to your taste.
  • You showcase the natural look of the wood.
  • Should you want to, you could match the existing floors in your home. 

Prefinished hardwood flooring – takes away the need for onsite finishing. The planks are sanded, prefinished in a factory, and available in engineered or hardwood planks. 

Benefits include:

  • Factory-applied finishes are generally nearly perfect
  • Installation time is less.
  • You don’t have to worry about dust ruining the finish like you would with an unfinished hardwood floor.

Engineered wood floor – the planks have inner layers of material, like plywood or fibreboard. These layers make the material very stable, as the outer layer is composed of a hardwood veneer.


  • Engineered wood floors have perfect sound resistance (Great for condos and apartments).
  • Hard to tell the difference between that and solid wood flooring. 
  • Low maintenance and less costly than hardwood flooring.
  • Its layers stop moisture and make it less susceptible to warping.

5. What kind of finish would you like?

One thing to think about is the finish of your existing wood… I don’t mean you don’t need to get the same type of wood, but if you coordinate the finishes, everything will tie in together.

6. How long have your company been doing this?

Experience is everything. A company that’s been around for two years may not have the same knowledge as a company that’s been trading for 25 years.

7. Does your staff do training regularly?

Updating your knowledge means you won’t miss changes in your industry.

8. Do they offer a satisfaction guarantee?

You won’t have any problems with this little offer if you’re the best!


So as you can see, the above questions are important with restoring and having newly fitted. I hope you’ve enjoyed reading it!

Written by Tracey Gilbey, Marketing

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