Wood floor restoration – Improve your flooring. 

If your wood floor looks tired and worn, then a complete wood floor restoration is just what you need to improve your flooring. Yes, we can put a lot of life back into your damaged or dull floor… you want aesthetically pleasing; we got you!

 Having your floor restored will also save you the money and time it would take to replace or refit. It’s a win-win for you! 

 This article will cover the “Process behind wood floor restoration” and the “Benefits to our wood floor restoration”. I will start with “Beautiful images of before and after wood floor restoration showing how it will improve your flooring”. I will also add a “Short video showing our process” and a section about “which is more expensive, replacing or restoring your wood floor”. Each section is headed in bold so you can head straight to whatever you want to read. 

Beautiful images of before and after wood floor restoration showing how it will improve your flooring:

The process behind wood floor restoration:

They do wood floor restoration by sanding the floor to remove the worn layer, to begin with. If the layer underneath is untouched, it will expose a fresh grain. This fresh grain allows for the varnish to be absorbed. This process allows the floor to look smoother and fresher… and ensures its protection from normal wear and tear, as well as highlights the qualities of the natural wood.

The floor restoration company will carefully remove the top layer of wood to enable the wood grains preservation for a high-quality finish. Once they have sanded the floor evenly, they will add the lacquer or oil to the floor, guaranteeing sustainability for years to come.

Here is a short video showing our wood floor restoration process:

Our trained technicians restore the floor, and customer service is of utmost importance to them all! You have seen the images above, but this short video shows how much they care!

Some of the main Benefits of our wood floor restoration:

As you have seen in the images above, wood floors are unquestionably a stunning feature of your home, and the benefits are just as stunning!

  • Increased the value of your home.
  • It makes the floor easier to clean as this process levels out the floor, and the lacquer or oil they apply will prevent the amount of dust and dirt that will build up. 
  • It improves the grain and allows it to absorb the varnishes or oils to keep it looking fresh longer.
  • Keep the wood grains condition last longer so it will require less work in the future.
  • Your wood floor should last 100 years and be done correctly and with quality products. 
  • Keeps away the pests that damage your floor.
  • Restoration reduces your carbon footprint and the need for wood. No waste in a landfill, either!
  • Restore your floor to its natural beauty, leaving a flawless floor that will make an impression.
  • Removes blemishes that look unsightly

Which is more expensive, replacing or restoring your wood floor?

Generally, it is more expensive to replace than to restore. The reason it Is more costly is that replacing will involve all the materials as well as the labour and remembering the removal of the old floor. This process takes much longer than restoring your original floor to its formal glory!


Written by Tracey Gilbey, Marketing and Admin Coordinator at Art of Clean.

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