Which is better – Natural wood floor or laminate?

Things I’m going to cover in this article: What is the cost difference between natural hardwood floors and laminate? Why is a restoration of natural hardwood floors more expensive than laying laminate? What are the comparisons between a laminate floor and a natural hardwood floor? What our customers say about us. Questions to ask yourself. […]

Facts to consider before getting gaps filled in your wood floor

To Fill or not to fill, that is the question. Restoring old wood floors can transform a room or even a whole home. You are removing the damaged and worn area and exposing the lovely, fresh wood underneath. In most cases, the wood floor will appear clean, fresh, and brighter. Having your wood floor sanded […]

Wood Floor Refreshing VS Wood Floor Sanding VS Wood Floor Restoration

Floor sanding Cambridge

Wood Floor Refreshing After years of use you may notice your wood floor look in need of some work. This article is to help you understand what level of work would suit your floor best and why. Most floors installed comes with a pre applied finish that cures fast, mostly by using a UV (Ultraviolet) […]