Commercial wood floor restoration

So, if you’ve decided to read this, you either love reading my blogs, in which case, thank you, and I love you!  Or you’ve heard we do commercial wood floor restorations and thought you would see what we offer. If so, welcome, and I hope you like what you find. 

Each section is headed in bold, so feel free to pick the ones you really want to read. There will also be a short video at the end of a job we have done as a community project, the end product is beautiful and just another great example of commercial floors the team loved doing.

Who we are and why we can do your commercial wood floor restoration:

It’s not just wood floor sanding to us, it’s an Art… and here at Art of Clean, we are very passionate about our Art.

We also think it is of utmost importance to provide all of you with the very best products we can offer, and therefore we affiliate with Ultimate Floor Care to ensure we use the very best products. Working with Ultimate Floor Care means we have access to the fantastic products and equipment. We generally use their products by Pallmann. Pallmann is an industry-leading manufacturer from Germany, so we do use some of the best products in this industry.

The use of their equipment means virtually no dust is produced and, therefore, will ensure as little disruption to your employees and customers as possible. The finishes from their products are tried and tested before sale, and the results are stunning. So, no mess, less stress, making your life a lot easier. Your beautiful wood floor will be aesthetically pleasing to improve your working day…  sounds fabulous so far, right?

Who you are – commercial wood floor:

  • You’re the office manager, and your office space needs a flooring facelift.
  • Maybe you’re the manager of a beautiful hotel, but your function room’s historic wood floor has seen better days, and you need someone to improve your investment. 
  • Does your school hall need a touch-up?
  • Would you like a free-of-charge quote to revive the floor in your university or college?
  • You may be a retail property that’s floor has a lot of traffic and needs a revamp. 

Have you said yes to any of the above problems? If so, don’t fret. We can help!

A few other commercial wood floors we would be happy to restore are:

  • Nightclubs and pubs
  • Gymnasiums 
  • Dance halls
  • Art galleries
  • Museums 
  • Sports centre’s
  • Squash Courts
  • Community centre’s

As you can see, we deal with many large commercial properties. 

If you have any queries, the beautiful ladies in the office will answer any of your questions and put your mind to rest that you have made the right choice.

Your investment is important, and we will dedicate ourselves to ensuring you get the most outstanding service we have to offer. 

Our Commercial wood floor restoration process:

We have a few steps to our process. If you want to read about this process, please keep reading. If you want a short video of our process, go to the video’s at the end of this section.

  • Step 1 – Preparation for the sanding.

This step is where they will inspect the floor to ensure all nails are well below the wood surface. We will secure all loose boards before the floor sanding starts.

  • Step 2 – industrial strength Vacuum.

They need to remove dry soil and particles that could cause damage to the wood during the sanding process.

  • Step 3 – May the sanding begin.

We use a system that is 99.9% dust free as we use an advanced extraction system. And a variation of grit values on the bell sander will ensure a quality finish.

  • Step 4 – Edges sanding.

They will use an edging sander that delivers a uniform finish to your wood floor, ensuring all edges and hard-to-reach places, like under-fixed furniture and radiators.

  • Step 5 – Rotary sanding

Using a super fine-grit floor sanding system will deliver a superior and even finish to the whole floor area. We do this with our trusty rotary sander.

  • Step 6 – Any fine dust that’s left.

A powerful vacuum system makes light to thoroughly remove any dust particles from the freshly sanded wooden floor.

  • Step 7 – Lacquer or Oil finish

What is best for your floor will depend on what comes next. You will either have a lacquer or an oil finish, but this is better when we are fully aware of the use of the floor.

What your beautiful wood floor could look like:

Check out this beautiful Parquet floor we did at Cambridge University:

This stunning floor is another project we had the pleasure of taking part in at the Cambridge University. I found a before and after of this beautiful American pine floor:

I’ll leave you with a short video showing how much love goes into what our technicians do:

So that’s everything. I hope you enjoyed reading, thank you for your support and I hope you have a fantastic day!

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Written by Tracey Gilbey, Marketing and Admin Coordinator at Art of Clean.

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