Worktop restoration cost – Cambridge case study

Hey everyone… if you’re new, welcome to our most recent blog on “worktop restoration cost – Cambridge case study”. I hope you find everything you need. Don’t forget to look in our knowledge centre; other blog posts may help you! You may have landed on this blog and have a worktop that needs restoring, or you are just curious about how much these things cost. However you found us… Happy reading!

This case study will show you… challenges our customer had with her worktop, images before we restored it, a brief description of how we dealt with this problem, and after pictures and the cost. At the end of this case study, I will add other blogs you may find helpful. 

The challenges we found with this worktop restoration case study :

We received a call last week from a lady who was extremely upset and needed our help. 

  1. Her oak kitchen worktop was finished with a yacht finish, and it was extremely shiny and had a rough feel to the finish. Sadly, if a finish isn’t applied correctly, this can happen. It’s all about knowledge!! 
  2. There was an area that would be hard to get to as it was part of the window ledge but almost boxed in.

Before images of worktop restoration in this case study:

How we dealt with this worktop restoration in this case study:

Joao and Robbie went to the lady’s house and inspected everywhere before starting. 

  • They then moved the fridge out of the way and prepped the room by laying sheets everywhere to ensure no damage.
  • The next step was to sand the worktops to take the other finish off and prepare it for our oil finish application. They used handheld sanding machines to do the worktops, and they did the window area with a piece of sandpaper and by hand again!
  • Here at Art of Clean, we affiliate with Ultimate Floor Care to get the best products for you, our customers. The finish that was applied was the Magic Oil 2K Ergo combined with Pallmann Magic Oil 2K Ergo hardener to give the worktop extra protection against wear and tear. 
  • I must stress that there is only so much you can do with a wooden worktop. Wood and water don’t mix well, so wiping up spills as soon as they happen is essential. 
  • Please don’t use your standard cleaning solutions to clean. Even fairy can damage as it has degreasing agents added, which will damage the wood over time. Ultimate Floor Care has taught us that you should always use a Ph-neutral cleaning solution. Pallmann Clean is one that we often recommend. 

After images of the worktop restoration:

  • These images are after they sanded:

  • Images are as they applied the Magic Oil:

  • The stunning look after finish is applied:

I think you will agree, our customer’s investment looks stunning…

Worktop restoration cost for this Cambridge case study:

As you can see from the images, we did three worktops. The price would be between £800 and £900 for similar work like this.

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A massive thank you for reading… I hope I’ve helped you and don’t forget to check us out next week!

Written by Tracey Gilbey, Marketing

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