How do you prevent your wood floor from changing colour?

Wood is a stunning, natural product that can add character and warmth to any home! However, it goes without saying that as a natural material, it is prone to changing colour from the UV rays from the sun… finding a way to prevent a wood floor from changing colour is a question we get asked regularly.

To help, I did some research, covering ”Why your natural wood floor changes colour” and “Ways to help prevent your wood floor from changing colour from the sun”. Another two sections to expect are “Do certain woods change colour more than others?” and “Examples of how your wood floor will change colour because of the sun”. Right at the end, I will also add a small section on “Do you have to replace your floor if it has changed colour from the sun?

Why your natural wood floor changes colour:

All natural materials are subject to change over time, even wood. One thing that changes your wood floor is the UV rays from the sun. This process is called Photosensitivity and is perfectly normal.

It’s the same as your skin getting a tan… the light causes a chemical change to happen.

Do certain woods change colour more than others?

Like people tan in different ways and at different rates, so does your wood floor.

Lighter woods will darken a lot quicker than darker woods. The lighter wood does this because the wood grain is more visible and reacts to sunlight and other environmental influences.

Darker wood grain is less visible and is, therefore, less affected by UV rays. They often have a rich colour that lasts a lot longer. The only darker wood that lightens is walnut.

Examples of how your wood floor will change colour because of the sun:

  • Oak: Changes to an ambering or darker tone.
  • Pine: Darkens to a more golden orange tone.
  • Beech: The orange colour fades slightly, and you often find it ambering.
  • Walnut: Changes to a lighter golden-brown tone (this is the only one that lightens)
  • Teak: Changes to a silvery tone, almost grey.
  • Pitch Pine: Very much like pine, this will darken with an orange tone.

Ways to help prevent your wood floor from changing colour from the sun:

As we have learnt, the sun is the main cause of your wood floor changing colour… The truth is, there is very little you can do to prevent it from happening entirely. However, you can ensure that it at least changes colour evenly.

  • Have Curtains or blinds on your window:

Curtains and blinds are a perfect way to not only act as a way of adding some colour to your room, but they are also great to help protect your floor from the sun.

Nowadays, you can also get treatment to apply on your window to work as a filter from the sun and prevent bleaching or damage.

  • Use rugs and move them around:

Rugs are a brilliant way to protect them from UV rays in areas where the sun hits the floor directly. If the rug doesn’t cover the whole area weekly, move it around the areas it hits. Moving the rug around weekly will ensure an even colour change.

  • Move furniture around:

If you move your furniture around, it works in the same way that moving your rugs will. I added this as a last tip as I know it’s not the easiest of tasks depending on the room your wood floor is in… who wants to move their sofa around too often! However, periodically moving your furniture will reduce the colour change from the UV rays exposure!

Do you have to replace your floor if it has changed colour from the sun?

No, you can restore wood floors and make them look fresh and new again! Wood floor restoration is becoming more and more popular… especially as a stunning would floor can not only add character to your home but also add value to your home.

Below are some beautiful images of the wood floors we have restored. Aren’t they fabulous? Why wouldn’t you want this fantastic wood floor in your home:

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Written by Tracey Gilbey, Marketing and Admin Coordinator at Art of Clean.

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