Wood floor versus carpet – what’s best for you!

Wood versus carpets is a debate that comes up a lot in the flooring industry. But shouldn’t it be… what’s best for you?

As the homeowner, your floor must fit into the décor of your choice. However, there are many other factors you should take into consideration.

Certain characteristics and qualities can help you decide whether Wood floor or carpets is best for you! So, I decided to tell you about the ones I think will help you… the property resale, the durability, the cost, value to health, comfort value, maintenance and even what rooms are appropriate. This information will be in a table form, and I will explain each character further in headed sections!


Below are examples of wood floors and carpets… sometimes Images can help to choose:

Table to show you Wood floor versus carpet:

Wood floor  Carpet
Increasing property resale Adds resale value to the property. No resale value.
The Durability 100 years + Up to 10 years for top quality.
Cost More expensive Less expensive
Value to Health Perfect for allergy sufferers. Traps dust and pollen.
Maintenance Sweeping and moping with a damp mop. Easy to vacuum but prone to staining.
Comfort Value


Cold and hard under foot. Muffles the sound and is soft and warm under foot
Rooms that they are appropriate in All rooms except for bathrooms. All rooms but would avoid the bathroom and kitchen.


Wood floor versus carpet: Increasing property resale value.

Hardwood wins this one by far… In fact, according to Discount Flooring Depot… 80% of estate agencies that the National wood flooring association surveyed can increase your property value by up to 12%.

It’s a trend that’s growing… the aesthetic look of wood is so appealing with its elegance, and as there are many different species of wood, there is something for everyone!


Wood floor versus carpet: The durability.

If it’s all about the long term… Wood wins again! Wood floors that are looked after well can last 50 – 100 years. On the other hand, carpets will last up to 15 years, depending on the quality of the carpet.


Wood floor versus carpet: Costing

You have the cost of the material and the labour to install it. If you are restoring it, you have the price of the products used to finish your floor and the labour that goes into it.

To have a carpet laid, you pay for the carpet and the labour.

Wood is more expensive to buy than carpet, so wood will always be more than carpet. It is also harder to install compared to laying a carpet.


Wood floor versus carpet: The value to health.

Hardwood flooring doesn’t harbour the dust and pollen that a carpet will. Carpet fibres hold on to everything that sets most people’s allergies and asthma issues off!

The fibres that the carpet is made of also break down and can end up contaminating the air around it.


Wood floor versus carpet: Maintenance

Wood floors are far easier to keep clean… generally, just a sweep and mop with a damp mop does the job. However, you do have to be aware that wood does scratch and can damage, so following some simple rules would help. There is a blog I will attach to help prevent this.

Carpets are easy to vacuum, but they are also prone to staining and replacing is sometimes the only way to go.


Wood floor versus carpet: Comfort value.

Due to the softness underfoot and warmth that carpets can bring… they will definitely win this, hands down. When you add that it also helps reduce noise, it’s a perfect choice!

Wood is hard and cold in the winter… which can make it less appealing in specific environments.


Wood floor versus carpet: Rooms they are appropriate for.

All wood floors make a stunning feature of all rooms. It’s best to avoid bathrooms due to the amount of moisture you find in them.

Carpets are also great in all rooms but bathrooms and kitchens. It would be best to avoid these rooms for hygiene and staining reasons.

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Written by Tracey Gilbey, Marketing and Admin Coordinator at Art of Clean.

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