Parquet Flooring – Caring for your floor.

Are you considering parquet flooring and want to know how to care for your new floor? Elegance and style are what parquet flooring offers to any home. There are many styles to choose from… from the chevron style, geometric pattern, or intricate puzzle pattern. Whichever type you choose, the care to maintain it is the same as most hardwood flooring. To keep its beauty, it does require regular care.

Below I will outline the ways to care for your parquet flooring, so if you are thinking about having this done in your house, this will show you how much care must go into maintaining your attractive investments. 

These are some images of parquet flooring we have done:

Before sanding:

After sanding:

A few others we have done:

The parquet flooring is stunning, don‘t you agree?

Regular parquet floor care:

Like any other hardwood floor, regular dust, grime, and dirt removal are important because your floor will collect daily. From particles carried in on shoes to pet fur, all flooring collects debris and using a vacuum to clean it up is best.

However, when using a vacuum to clean your parquet flooring, make sure you set it to a hard or bare floor setting. Using the rotating brush on your parquet flooring may cause scratches… and none of us wants that! We advise using a soft brush attachment if your vacuum has neither set.

Areas with high traffic, like hallways and entrances, will require vacuuming regularly as part of caring for your floor.

In-between vacuuming – parquet flooring and how to care for your floor: 

Following the manufacturer’s instructions for cleaning your parquet flooring is necessary. It would be best if you never got your parquet flooring too wet, or it can be damaged. 

Very much like other hardwood floors, the use of harsh chemicals like ammonia or bleach can damage your parquet floor. Avoid cleaning solutions that have abrasives and are acidic.

It is always best to use a solution that meets the manufactures needs to clean your parquet floor.

You can use water with no solution on a lightly damp cloth, remembering not to saturate the floor. Ensure the floor is completely dry before putting furniture back or walking over it too much.

Tips on how to care for your parquet flooring:

Tip 1:

You want to eliminate any staining so mopping up any spills straight away is important. Keep the liquid from seeping into the joints, as this is where the staining will be challenging to remove. The longer the liquid sits on the wood, the harder it will be to get rid of it. 

Tip 2:

For items like entertainment units, sofas, and bookcases, you can use protective feet on the furniture to avoid scratches. To see floor protectors, click on the link below. 

Tip 3:

Place mats at all entries to stop the amount of debris that gets walked in.  

Tip 4:

Removing shoes before walking on the floor would be a tremendous help.

Tip 5:

Dry moping in between vacuuming will help to keep your beautiful parquet floor looking fresh and clean.

Tip 6:

Add blinds or curtains in areas with lots of suns to avoid fading due to sunlight.

Tip 7:

I have a fur baby, and as much as I love her, pet nails are a big issue for any hardwood floor. Therefore keeping them trimmed will help prevent any damage.

Tip 8:

At least once a year, have your floor cleaned by a professional company. Having a professional will help keep the floor’s natural beauty for longer.

Here you can see a short video of our process and the care that would go into caring for your parquet floor:

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Edited by Tracey Gilbey, Marketing

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