Pros and cons of hardwood flooring?

It can be hard to make when a homeowner decides what floor to have. You don’t want to spend too much without knowing the best fit for you. I absolutely love wood floors. Whether installing it for the first time or deciding if you can restore it, you will have many questions to help you make your final decision… and this is where I come in. I decided the pros and cons of hardwood flooring would be the best way to make your choice, so I have tried to ensure I covered as many pros and cons as I can for you. 

It is a lot to read, but it’s best to be well-informed when deciding what to invest in for your beautiful homes. 

Before we go too far, here are Images of customer’s stunning floors to show why the pros may outweigh the cons:

Pros of having hardwood flooring:

Here is a list of the pros you will get from your hardwood floor. 

Pro 1 to having hardwood flooring: Easy to Install.

Laying the hardwood floor is relatively easy and, if installed correctly, can improve the quality of your home. I can’t think of a better pro…  Keeping things simple is the right way to go with our lives being so full and busy anyway!

Pro 2 to having hardwood flooring: Long-term investment.

While this type of flooring is usually a considerable investment initially, the fantastic thing about wood flooring is that if it is maintained well, it can last for over a hundred years. Much different from carpet, lino or laminate, which tend to get damaged quickly with general wear and tear.

I know budgets are tight… So, if you’re not replacing it every 10 – 20 years like most other floorings, it doesn’t seem like such a large amount. Remember, your wood floor could outlive you.

Pro 3 of having hardwood flooring: A quality that doesn’t age.

Most carpets, vinyl or laminate, will need to be replaced. Wood flooring will just need to be re-sanded or refurbished. Wood flooring looks more graceful as it ages. The timeless style of wood floors ensures it’s always in fashion and doesn’t tend to look worn or dull. 

Pro 4 of having hardwood flooring: Environmentally friendly.

Hardwood flooring is becoming increasingly popular every year with its environmental benefits. If you want a biodegradable floor, a wood floor is the best way to go, and because of this, it helps to lessen the impact it has on the environment.

Pro 5 of having hardwood flooring: Amazing Acoustics.

If you are like me and LOVE your singing, then the floor that is best for you is a hardwood floor. It enhances the sound and prevents instruments from sounding hollow.  Appropriately laid, it also prevents any vibration.

Pro 6 of having hardwood flooring: It increases the value of your home.

The initial cost is high, but the value it adds to your home is worth it.  Believe it or not, a house with a hardwood floor seems to sell faster, so your choice of flooring can seriously upgrade your property even though it may have cost you a bit at the start.

Pro 7 of having hardwood flooring: Variety of species to choose from.

When you start to research this, you will find so many that you will be stuck for a choice. To narrow it down slightly, I have picked types that we typically see and deal with:

  • Beech 
  • Pine
  • Oak
  • Teak
  • Walnut

Pro 8 of having hardwood flooring: Healthy air quality.

Wood floors don’t tend to attract allergens, dander from pets or moulds. Due to its hypo-allergic nature, it is by far the healthier option.  They don’t harbour things like Fleas, dust mites or moulds and ensure your indoor environment stays healthier than other types of flooring.

Underfloor heating is better under a wood floor, so having a wood floor keeps your home warmer in the winter when you need it.

Pro 9 of having hardwood flooring: Better with children.

As wooden flooring is non-toxic, it is far safer for your babies and much easier to clean. So, this would be a mother’s dream floor when they are just learning to crawl, walk or eat alone. Sticky fingers have no fear. Just wipe them away. Your little angel has just thrown their juice cup across the floor and spilt a little.  Chill, wipe it up. With the wood floor being easy to maintain and clean, it seems like the best option if you are a parent or thinking about becoming a parent.

Pro 10 of having hardwood flooring: Hygienic and easy to maintain.

General maintenance is simple. You’re good to go with a vacuum, mopping and keeping it dry. Wood floors don’t attract much dust or debris as they have a non-electromagnetic nature, so all the cleaning will be minimal.

We recommend certain products to clean with but a whole other blog that I shall add at the end.

Cons of having hardwood flooring:

This is a list of the cons of a hardwood floor:

Con 1 of having hardwood flooring: Cost.

The cost of wooden flooring to be installed or restored is higher than carpets or tiles.  The high price sometimes means it’s not an affordable option for all.

Hardwood is installed over a sub-flooring, which can complicate the installation process. The cost of getting professional help will vary.

Con 2 of having hardwood flooring: Demands attention.

The floor must be moped only using a microfiber mopping cloth and sprays meant for wooden floors. When vacuuming the flooring, ensure that the model has an on-off brush roll feature, as it can lead to scratches.

See my other blog on how to care for your newly finished wood floor at the bottom. I will also add at the bottom a guide on how to care for your wood floor.

Con 3 of having hardwood flooring: Beware of the termite attack and woodworm.

Sadly, woods are a great food for termites and woodworm, but the damage they do can be irreparable.

Termites eat wood from the inside, so look for minor damage on the floor that wasn’t there before. They eat away and weaken the wood, which is when you usually have floorboards creak and make a squeaky sound. 

Did you know a woodworm is not actually a worm but a larva from small beetle? I didn’t, but I’m not that clever, so it’s probably only me that thought it was a worm, haha. Woodworms often enter the house on old furniture from a thrift store, but it is just as easy for them to blow in from a nearby tree.

However, both termites and woodworm only like certain types of wood, so speak to your professional about what kind of wood they recommend to avoid this. 

Con 4 of having hardwood flooring: Avoid leaving water down.

Cleaning your floor with a mop is OK but avoid saturating your floor with water. You will damage your beautiful new floor if you allow water to seep through.

Also, avoid harsh detergents, as this can ruin the finish on your wood floor.

Con 5 of having hardwood flooring: Very noisy

While the hardwood floor is fantastic for singers and musicians, it’s not so good if you’re in an office and need it to be quieter. If in the wrong environment, the acoustics in any room can become like a noisy cafeteria where you can’t hear yourself think.

With years of wear and tear, it can also become squeaky and make creaking sounds when walking across it… making it much harder to sneak out of the house once your parents are in bed.

Con 6 of having hardwood flooring: Mould growth

You may have to replace the whole floor or any affected planks if there is excessive mould growth. We advise that you keep the floor as dry as possible, cleaning up any spillages as soon as they are done or found. 

Con 7 of having hardwood flooring: Cupping.

Cupping occurs when the edges of your wood board are higher than the centre. It is due to the moisture content, which has gradually caused the wood to expand. Try to clean up water spills on the hardwood flooring as it gets absorbed quickly.

Con 8 of having hardwood flooring: Crowning.

Crowning is when the centre of the wood board becomes higher than the edges. Crowning happens when the moisture content is high. It also occurs if you start sanding the edges when you notice cupping. However, if the moisture content has not dried, it can lead to crowning. Let the wood dry up first before sanding the edges, or the centre of the wood board will start to rise.

Con 9 of having hardwood flooring: Scratches and Stains.

Depending on your wood flooring, it can be prone to dents and scratches. If you’re looking at installing a new floor, maybe get some advice from a professional to make sure you have the right choice.

There are also some chances of getting stains on the floor if there is spillage. Therefore, we can’t stress enough to clear up any spillages as soon as you can. 

Con 10 of having hardwood flooring: You are limited to certain rooms.

Hardwood flooring is not the best option for rooms in your home. We advise that you don’t have it installed in your bathroom and kitchen. These areas have high exposure to moisture and spills, which can damage the wood. Ask a professional if you are not sure. 


I have tried to cover as many pros and cons as possible, but we are always here for you, so give us a call if there’s anything else you would like to know.

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Written and edited by Tracey Gilbey, Marketing and Admin Coordinator at Art of Clean.

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