What is the best colour for your wood floor? 

Hello, all my lovely readers, welcome to our knowledge centre… today I will be helping you all with ‘What is the best colour for your wood floor? 

Now your needs are very important, and I don’t want to waste your time, but to find out the answer, I need to cover a variety of sections to make sure you can make the right choice. 

If you only want to see what colours you can get, the section headed ‘What are the different colour stains we do for wood floors, will be the best section for you. This section will cover all the colours we do, and most professionals should be able to offer you them too.

A natural wood floor in its original state usually is breathtakingly beautiful. I, for one love love love a natural-looking wood floor, but sadly it’s not always an excellent match for any other wood colours and tones. 

Have you just moved in, and your new natural floor doesn’t match your furniture?

Or maybe your existing floor looks worn, and you fancied a change.

Either way, when you get to the end of this blog, you will have all the information you need to make a decision that suits you!

Before I go any further, have a look at some of the beautiful wood floors we have done:

Elegant Walnut Stain colour on our customer’s stunning wood floor.

Isn’t it a beautiful dark brown stain on another customer’s wood floor?

Exotic Brown Stain is just breathtaking!


Things to think about choosing a stain for your wood floor:

A natural way that changes the appearance of your wood flooring is how natural light changes throughout the day. In many cases, the way it will look during the day will completely change at night. This would be one of the top reasons to consider when choosing the colour. Also, UV rays can sometimes lighten the wood but darken others. 

What type of wood is in the room?

Different wood types will soak up stains differently, so it is so important to consider what wood type your flooring is before choosing a stain. 

I.e., Oak is the easiest wood type to stain as it soaks up the stain quickly. However, more exotic flooring like maple, birch, or pine makes it harder to have your floor stained evenly. This is because these wood types have tight grains and tiny pores. What does that mean? It means the colour might not look the way you want it to. 

What type of maintenance do you want to have to do on your wood floor?

Both light and dark-coloured wood will gather the same number of scratches and dings over time. However, the way dark and light-coloured wood needs to be cleaned and maintained differs. 

I.e., lighter wood colours tend to show less dirt and dust but will show more scuffs than darker wood. 

What are your family’s needs? 

You may have pets who shed hair. A lighter wood will show it far less than a darker finish would. So, a good thing to remember is lighter stains will show less dust than darker finishes. Lighter stains are the way to go if you’re like me and don’t like the boring job of sweeping regularly. 

What size is your room with the wood floor?

When choosing a stain colour, you should consider a room’s size. You don’t make a room look smaller. 

Dark wood flooring, however stunning it may be, if you use a dark stain in a small room that has no natural light, will make it look smaller and darker. 

For small rooms, use a lighter-coloured floor stain. Grey, white, and beige are good to make them feel bigger. 

Are you selling your house?

Were you thinking about selling your home soon? Then you would be better off using a neutral stain. You want people to see themselves in your beautiful home with that stunning natural floor. 

What are your style preferences?

Knowing what type of look you want can help with making this decision. The red tones will not work well if you’re looking for a modern look. The darker brown tones or even the ebony are the ones to go with for that modern feel.

Wouldn’t you love a rustic farmhouse style? Dark ebony or grey floor stains would look awful with the rustic-looking furniture you would have for that farmhouse feel, so the best thing would be the mid-tone browns.

What will a dark stain do to your room?

Dark stain Dark wood floors are incredibly chic and very sophisticated. They give off that feeling of richness and warmth to any area in your house. Please remember what I told you about the size of your room!

What will a light stain do to your room?

The light stain is best to help make a dark room feel brighter and bigger. It works well with darker furniture. The contrast will be stunning!

What will the mid-toned stains do to your room?

Mid-tones hide imperfections in older wood floors and are perfect for traditional homes.

Tips for you:

  • Don’t focus too much on the sample:

These are typical sample boards that show the colour of the wood floor stains.

Matching your favourite sample might be hard, so don’t expect it to be exact. Remember, many factors impact the final look of any stain, wood type, ceiling colour, room lighting, and even the colour of the walls. 

Something to think about is that, like paint colours, wood stains have undertones too.

Because it can look dated, you find most designers warn not to use wood finishes that may have very red or orange undertones.

This doesn’t mean you stay away from warm undertones. One of the biggest trends in wood flooring right now is warm undertones. The idea would be to keep it minimal. 

· Always do an area test.

This tip is the best way to determine how a stain will look in your room. We would recommend a small area you will be doing. Hidden would be best, but basically, you sand an area and section it if you have more than one stain to try and see which one you like. It won’t matter to the room as it can be re-sanded and refinished with the rest of the room. 

· Look over your decision more than once.

Choosing your beautiful wood floor stain is a big decision you should take slowly, with no rush. 

Although it is not possible to get perfection, it is possible for you to be happy. Rethink your choice if you’re not sure, this is something you will have to live with, so you’re allowed to be fussy! 

· Talk to your friendly professionals.

Applying a wood stain will dramatically change the way your floor will look. Proper planning should take president. Stain soaks into the wood permanently, so correcting wood floor stains will be hard. I’m pretty sure you would like to avoid this, so speak to your professional to get all the advice you need.

What are the different colour stains we do for wood floors:

We affiliate with Ultimate Floor Care, so we always use their product Pallmann Pall X 333 Concentrate. Their stains come in the below colours and if you want to find out more about this product, click here.

 Secret Green                                                                   Balanced Oak

Victorian Bronze                                                            Havanna Brown

Stylish Chestnut                                                             Shaded Grey

Rich Brown                                                                     Pretty Pink

Smoked Oak                                                                   Nostalgic Brown

Happy yellow                                                                 Between Brown

Weathered Grey                                                             Sober White 

Covered Grey                                                                  Exotic Brown

Elegant Walnut                                                              Classic Red

Mystic Blue                                                                     Denim Blue

Black                                                                                Dark Brown

How to come to your final choice in what is the best colour for your wood floor:

So what is the best colour for your wood floor? Begin with three colour choices. Take away the one you like the least. With the remaining two colours, do a patch test to see how they would look in the daytime and nighttime. Once you have done that, check them against their surroundings. You might need to walk away and go back a few times so you can see the contrasts. Pay close attention to which stains impact the room most when entering. 

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Written by Tracey Gilbey, Marketing

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