When can I put furniture back on a refinished wood floor?

Are you thinking about restoring your wood floor and need to know how long it will be before your furniture can go back? The answer to this is it depends on what the finish is. So, I have researched the four types of finishes we use and will explain what to do with them. 

As we affiliate with a fantastic company called Ultimate Floor Care, we mainly use two types of finishes. We use Pallmann Magic Oil 2k, and we generally use three of their water-based lacquers. 

What kind of finish you are going for will depend on what we would use to refinish your wood floor. Following the instructions in each section will ensure your beautiful, refinished wood floor will look stunning for as long as possible. 

The Images below are some of the fantastic wood floors we have refinished:

Oil finish:

Lacquer finish:

When can you return your furniture to a refinished wood floor with Pallmann Magic oil?

Pallmann Magic Oil is a two-coat design… two coats are always better than one! You can apply Both coats in 1 day if the timing is right.

I must stress that Magic oil is different to most oil finishes and has an extraordinarily short time to cure… will touch dry in 30 mins, but it takes 4 hours to have light foot traffic with no shoes or bare feet, socks only. 

We don’t recommend taking furniture into the room for at least 12 hours, 24 hours if it’s heavy furniture, as it can take 24 hours for the floor to reach full cure. Waiting 24 hours will give the oil chance to reach its full potential. 

Remember, not all oil finishes will do this, so always check with your friendly specialist how quickly you can use the floor. 

Do not clean for at least 12 hours. Leave it for longer if you can but always mop up a spill immediately.

To see the datasheet for Magic oil 2k, click here:

When can you put your furniture back on a refinished wood floor with Pallmann water-based lacquer?

Pall-X 98 lacquer finish:

We use two types of Pall-X 98. Pall-X 98 Gold Gloss and Pall-X 98 semi-gloss/matt. The following refers to them both.

You can walk on the floor, in socks, not bare feet or shoes, the next day. 

It’s recommended not to drag heavy furniture across it for at least a week. You can carry the furniture within 27 hours and carefully place it in the room, but for a full cure, it takes seven days. 

Dragging furniture across your wood floor before then could damage the floor, so always check with your floor specialist how long you should leave it!

Also, we recommend avoiding putting rugs in for seven days. 

You should avoid cleaning these floors for seven days too. Before either of these finishes, you must, again, avoid any moisture.

To see the datasheet for Pall-X 98 Gloss, click here:

To see the datasheet for Pall-X 98 Semi-Gloss/Matt, click here:

Pall-X 96 lacquer finish:

Pallmann’s s Pall -X 96 should be left for at least 24 hours for light foot traffic, again with only socks, not bare feet or shoes.

We recommend not putting furniture back for at least 27 hours, but be aware that fully curing this finish needs at least 10-12 days. Any dragging or movement from the furniture could do damage if used before the ten days at least.

Rugs should be left for the full ten days at least. 

You should avoid cleaning for ten days at least too. It’s essential to clean any spills straight away. Avoid any moisture before being able to be fully cured.

To see the datasheet for Pall-X 96, click here:


Any reputable company will know exactly how and when you can use the refinished wood floor; always ask!

Please follow the instructions your professionals give you… they know what they are talking about, as most will come with abundant knowledge.

If you still need to get your wood floor refinished, research as many companies as possible to ensure you get the right one for you! 

Below I will add some blogs that will help you to find the right fit if you are in the Cambridgeshire area. 

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If any further help is required, call us on 01223 080796 or request a free quote here.

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