Wood Floor Questions – You asked & we answered!

If you want a truly classy floor installed within your home, you won’t get better than a real wood floor. Both engineered wood and solid wood flooring give that level of sophistication that will lift your room from dreary to dreamy. You will probably have a few questions before you make this type of investment, so I’ve outlined the eight most common wood flooring questions to help you make the best choice possible or answer any questions you already have regarding your own real wood floor.

You asked – What is engineered wood flooring?

We answered: 

Engineered wood flooring looks like solid wood flooring but is much easier to install… it has become an increasingly popular choice in many homes. Giving the same irresistible feel as solid wood, but because of the layered structure, it is less prone to warping or shrinking. A lacquered engineered floor can also be practical if you have fur babies as part of your family. 

They make engineered flooring in either a three-ply or multi-ply. Not all engineered wood floors are the same… however, they make most planks of a base to provide stability and a multi-ply or softwood core that is made up of a locking system of tongue and groove or click. You finally finish the plank with a real wood top layer.

You asked – How do you lay a wood floor?

We answered:

We always advise using a professional for any tongue and groove installation. The requirement to nail down or glue the planks can be tricky and not the best for DIY projects. If you’re confident and would like to know how to lay engineered flooring or how to lay wood flooring, there are a few steps to remember.

  • Always ensure you’ve measured your room properly… real wood flooring is a big investment, and a premium choice will come with a premium price point. You will want to ensure you’re buying the right amount before starting. 
  • Acclimatisation is an essential step… a step that you can’t forget, and it doesn’t matter which option you choose. Every home or building will have its natural humidity… this will cause your boards to contract and expand. If you lay your new wood flooring without this step, then this can cause it to flex and warp, ruining it before you’ve had a chance to enjoy it. Once you’ve acclimatised, grab all the equipment you will need, and you should be good to go.
  • Solid wood flooring is usually a tongue and groove installation, and it would be better to use a professional installer. On the other hand, you can instal engineered wood flooring by either click or tongue and groove. The click system easily slots boards together for an easier installation that doesn’t need glueing or nailing. 

You asked – How do you clean wood floors?

We answered:

Looking after your real wood floors helps extend their life… However, they do require regular maintenance if you want them to look their best for longer. 

· Like most hard-surfaced floors, both are susceptible to stains and scratches. Although a good, lacquered finish can offer protection against this.

· For daily cleaning… a regular dusting with a microfibre cloth or mop will do the trick. 

· To do a thorough cleaning… a good vacuum will help get rid of the hidden bits of dirt and dust. Then a light mop with a slightly damp mop will help with the shine. 

· you can purchase specially formulated products that keep wood floors looking their best for longer… including complete care kits for added protection or daily cleaners to keep your floors shining. We affiliate with Ultimate Floor Care, which sells two amazing products for cleaning your wood floor: the Pallmann Clean n Go kit and the Bona premium spray mop.

You asked – How much is wood flooring?

We answered:

Natural wood flooring is a superior product in both appeal and form. Its aesthetics are unmatched, and it has a high-end feel to it. When you buy a natural wood floor, you buy a unique product, where no two floors will look the same. With that, it does come at a high-end price! 

So, how much does wood flooring cost? I can’t give you an actual price, but our sister company would be able to help you with further questions on an “actual cost”. Art of Flooring provides a fantastic service. To see more about them, click on this link.  

From my research, solid wood planks are cut directly from the log, making them a more expensive option. 

Thanks to the layered structure of engineered wood, it is generally a more affordable product… but it has the same quality feel and look you get from solid wood.

You asked – How do you paint wood floors?

We answered:

The appealing thing about real wood flooring is the traditional feel and natural look it adds to your home. Real wood floors come in many finishes, but you can paint any unfinished wood flooring for your perfect style.  

Tip 1

When adding paint to your wood floors, always look for specific wood floor paints… they make the paints withstand all the wear and tear floors see daily. Not only are they made for wear and tear, but they are also resistant to peeling, chipping, and flaking. They also give additional protection against stains and spills. 

Tip 2 

If you decide on painting, use a primer on any exposed areas to help stick the paint to the surface. 

Tip 3 

Ensure your floor is clean, and remove any dirt or debris. Begin by painting around the edges. To begin with, leave 2 inches from the side, ensuring you don’t touch the skirting. Then use a roller, painting pad, or brush to paint the rest of your floor.

Tip 4 

Try to do the painting in one go, as this will stop any layer marks from forming and help blend the strokes. 

Tip 5 

You will need two coats for the perfect finish, but you can paint more if necessary. 

Tip 6 

Leave your painted floor as long as you can before you allow anyone to walk on it – They advise 24 hours at least. 

You asked – How do you get paint off your wood floor?

We answered:

There’s something incredibly annoying about painting your room, clearing the dust sheets away, and oh no… paint has managed to make its way onto your stunning wood floor. So, how do you get paint off wood floors?

It depends on whether the paint you’re trying to remove is oil-based or water… this will determine what you’ll need to do to remove it. 

· It is easier to remove Water-based paints as, quite often, a simple soapy mixture can help lift it relatively easily. 

· Alternatively, you can purchase paint removers that work on oil, and water-based paints are available… however, remember to follow the instructions to ensure you don’t damage your floor.

You asked – How do you get scratches out of your wood floor?

We answered:

You must expect Dents and scratches on any floor with everyday life. If your wood floor has had any light surface scratches… the easiest way to remove them is by restoring the floor. For more details on this process, check out the blog below. 

It would help if you remembered, though… when you sand down engineered wood floors, only the top surface level is natural wood, so you can only sand it a couple of times.

If the dents or scratches you’re trying to fix are deeper, you can purchase a colour-matched wood putty filler to fill in scratches or gouges that may have occurred.

You asked – How do you restore your wood floor?

We answered:

As with any flooring, sunlight, wear and tear, and other factors can lead to the colour of your wood floor fading slightly. Pet claws and other factors that lead to dents and scratches can happen, and this is when restoring your floor is the best option. 

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Written by Tracey Gilbey, Marketing and Admin Coordinator at Art of Clean.

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