How can I refinish my wood floors without sanding?

Have you got a stunning wood floor that has lost its sparkle… does it need a little floor lift? This blog will show you how to refinish your beautiful wood floors without sanding! 

We don’t always want the mess of having to sand them down… you may not have had them done that long ago, and they need a little touch-up. All this is okay, and I have found some information that you will find interesting and helpful.

In a rush and want the answer and solution… Head to the section “How to refinish your wood floor without sanding. If you want to know how I have come to know the information have, you need to read on. 

Some of the amazing floors we have restored:

How we know what we know:

Art of clean work alongside a company called Ultimate Floor Care… they supply amazing equipment and products by some fantastic suppliers such as:

  • Pallmann 
  • Bona 
  • Diamabrush  
  • Starke 
  • Tramex 
  • Morrells

So, as you can see, they have access to the leading brands in their industry. They have also had some of the best training, and with their knowledge, we know the best advice and support to give you!

How to refinish your wood floor without sanding:

Now, this blog is about how to refinish your wood floors without sanding, so I’m going to talk about a product that Pallmann brought out called Pall-x 350 bonding agent. Pallmann produced this product to make life easier for all floor sanding companies… I’m sure you will want to thank them once you have finished reading.

Yes… you can use this product without completely sanding the finish already down.

When you can use this product to refinish your floors without sanding:

You can use Pallmann’s Pall-X 350 on a variety of floors, including:

  • Pre-finished floors
  • Pre-oiled floors
  • UV Dried floors

It’s best when you have a floor that is in good condition but needs refreshing. 

For example­ – your client Mrs Smith has a matt pine floor that’s looking worn and dull, and she no longer wants the matt finish she initially chose. Rather than reaching for the old faithful Pall-X 98 Semi-Gloss or Pall-X 96 and sanding back before use… you could go straight in with this. Well, you can after a little prepping (which I will go into shortly). How much easier would this right???!!!

Give the whole area a pre-application clean:

Before you apply this finish, you must ensure you clean the area where the application will be. We would generally use the Pallmann Neutral clean. It was clear that you must thoroughly clean the whole floor… while paying close attention to the edges and corners. 

How to apply the product: 

Once you have the floor ready, you must get the product ready.  

Pall-x 350 bonding agent is a product made up of two parts, so once you have added the 350 to the isocyanate bonding agent, use the mixing Ratio of 3:1. Leave the mix for at least 5 mins to allow for air to come out, and you are ready to start the application.

The best applicator tool for this product is the Pallmann Alcohol-based roller sleeve. This applicator has the correct pile to ensure a thin, even application over the floor.

This product is fast-drying, and Pallmann advises allowing a minimum of 1 hour for best results 4 hours.

As you can see, this is far easier than sanding a perfectly fine floor that needs a little life. 

You can order everything you need from Ultimate floor care if you are thinking about DIY, but please pay close attention to the instructions, and it would be best to ask a professional if this finish is suitable for your floor. 

Also, the climate and temperature must be correct… in fact, if you make any mistakes, you may have to have the floor sanded all over again. 

Why add cost to something that won’t take the experts long? You can save energy for all the fun, festive evenings you will have to entertain your friends on your stunning new floor, just in time for Christmas. 

To find out when you can put furniture back once the floor has been refinished:

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How to choose the best floor sanding company for you:

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Edited by Tracey Gilbey, Marketing

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