How do you take care of natural wood floors?

I love a natural wood floor. My favourite would probably be an oak wood floor, what’s yours? Don’t you think there is something so beautiful about how a natural wood floor has unique beauty? If you’re still reading this, then I’m going to guess you have either got a wood floor you would like to […]

How do I repair my Parquet Floor?

Sitting at work and scheduling my day, I couldn’t help but overhear a customer asking about how to repair his Parquet Flooring. Hearing them talk got me thinking that there may be many people with the same problem. Wouldn’t it be great if I could help find the answers and maybe even fix it themselves […]

What does floor sanding cost In East Anglia?

Let’s face it – All of us have at least some rough figures in our heads before buying anything – even if we have never bought it before. You probably have an idea of how much will be the upper limit you may wish to spend and what the minimum is you think will give […]