Pros and cons of hardwood flooring?

It can be hard to make when a homeowner decides what floor to have. You don’t want to spend too much without knowing the best fit for you. I absolutely love wood floors. Whether installing it for the first time or deciding if you can restore it, you will have many questions to help you […]

How do you repair your Parquet Floor?

Sitting at work and scheduling my day, I couldn’t help but overhear a customer asking how to repair his Parquet Flooring. Hearing them talk got me thinking that there may be many people with the same problem. Wouldn’t it be great if I could help find the answers and maybe even fix it themselves and save […]

What does floor sanding cost In East Anglia?

What does wood floor sanding cost in East Anglia? Let’s see if I can help us find this out. Let’s face it – All of us have at least some rough figures in our heads before buying anything – even if we have never bought it before. You probably have an idea of how much […]