How do I fill the gaps appearing on my wood floor?

Owning a home often means solving little mysteries, like why is there a sudden gap in your wooden floor? If you’ve been staring at a gap between your wooden floors and wondering what on Earth happened, you’re not alone. Jamie had the same issue: a strange gap appeared between two sections of wooden floorboards, separated […]

What is the Cheapest Way to Update Hardwood Floors?

In this blog, we will cover “what is the cheapest way to update your hardwood floors” and provide a link to a blog to help you with the restoration if you wish to DIY it. Restoring or updating hardwood floors can quickly become expensive, especially if you’re considering a professional touch. However, if you’re on […]

How Do You Clean Oil Off Your Wood Floor?

We’ve had many calls recently about the oil spills on the wood floors, and everyone has wanted to know, “How do you clean oil off of your wood floor?” So, this is the topic we’re diving into today. If you would prefer to watch a YouTube video interview that all this information came from, here […]

Can you stain your pine wood floor a different colour?

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Can You Restore Wood Floors After Removing Your Carpet?

Welcome back, home enthusiasts! If you’re here, you want to know, “Can you restore your wood floors after removing your carpet?” So that’s what I will help you with! If you’ve recently bid farewell to your old carpet and discovered the hidden treasure beneath – beautiful hardwood floors – congratulations!  Well, buckle up cause you’re […]

Choosing the Perfect Finish for Your Wood Floors

Wood floors are a timeless and elegant choice for any home.  However, choosing the perfect finish for your wood floors is crucial. Wood floors bring warmth, beauty, and a touch of nature into your living space. But to maintain their natural beauty and ensure their longevity. This blog post will delve into the secrets of […]

The Cost Savings of DIY Wood Floor Restoration

Hi… welcome to our latest blog, where we will explore the cost savings of DIY wood floor restoration. We will also examine whether it is a cost-effective solution or just a myth. Wood floors are timeless and elegant, adding warmth and character to any space. Over time, however, they can lose their radiance and suffer […]

Wood Floor Restoration Costs: What You Need to Know

Welcome, East Anglia residents! Are you a proud owner of a wooden floor? Whether you inherited it or installed it yourself, maintaining its beauty and longevity is essential. Over time, even the sturdiest of wood floors can begin to show signs of wear and tear. If you’ve been contemplating wood floor restoration, this blog is […]

Wood Floor Restoration – Should I decorate before or after?

Are you thinking about a makeover for your room? You are considering having wood floor restoration but need to decorate and know whether to decorate before or after. Understanding the process would be better, right?… After all, if you get the process wrong, the work you are now starting is at risk of damaging the […]

How do you stop your Floorboards creaking?

First, let’s set the scene: You’ve had a long day with a very grumpy toddler.  After a massive fight to get them in bed, you start to creep out of the room and oh no! You completely forgot to miss that board just outside their room!  And yes, you woke up, sir, grumpiness, which was […]