How do you prevent your wood floor from changing colour?

Wood is a stunning, natural product that can add character and warmth to any home! However, it goes without saying that as a natural material, it is prone to changing colour from the UV rays from the sun… finding a way to prevent a wood floor from changing colour is a question we get asked […]

Wood floor restoration – Improve your flooring. 

If your wood floor looks tired and worn, then a complete wood floor restoration is just what you need to improve your flooring. Yes, we can put a lot of life back into your damaged or dull floor… you want aesthetically pleasing; we got you!  Having your floor restored will also save you the money […]

Commercial wood floor restoration

So, if you’ve decided to read this, you either love reading my blogs, in which case, thank you, and I love you!  Or you’ve heard we do commercial wood floor restorations and thought you would see what we offer. If so, welcome, and I hope you like what you find.  Each section is headed in […]

Parquet Flooring – Caring for your floor.

Are you considering parquet flooring and want to know how to care for your new floor? Elegance and style are what parquet flooring offers to any home. There are many styles to choose from… from the chevron style, geometric pattern, or intricate puzzle pattern. Whichever type you choose, the care to maintain it is the […]

How can I refinish my wood floors without sanding?

Have you got a stunning wood floor that has lost its sparkle… does it need a little floor lift? This blog will show you how to refinish your beautiful wood floors without sanding!  We don’t always want the mess of having to sand them down… you may not have had them done that long ago, […]

When can I put furniture back on a refinished wood floor?

Are you thinking about restoring your wood floor and need to know how long it will be before your furniture can go back? The answer to this is it depends on what the finish is. So, I have researched the four types of finishes we use and will explain what to do with them.  As […]

Wood floor sanding – Painted wood floor

Wood floor sanding on your painted wood floor seems like the easiest option to get it back to its natural glory. I can definitely see why you would want to as well… I love a natural wood floor. Done the right way, they can be stunning!! These images are from a customer of ours that […]

Worktop restoration cost – Cambridge case study

Hey everyone… if you’re new, welcome to our most recent blog on “worktop restoration cost – Cambridge case study”. I hope you find everything you need. Don’t forget to look in our knowledge centre; other blog posts may help you! You may have landed on this blog and have a worktop that needs restoring, or you […]

How do you choose the best floor sanding company?

Hey everyone… if you’re new, welcome and if you’re not, welcome back!! Are you thinking about restoring your wood flooring? Have you looked around and needed help on how to choose the best floor sanding company, as there are so many? Frustrating, but you want the best company for you, so I’m going to go […]

What is the best colour for your wood floor? 

Hello, all my lovely readers, welcome to our knowledge centre… today I will be helping you all with ‘What is the best colour for your wood floor?  Now your needs are very important, and I don’t want to waste your time, but to find out the answer, I need to cover a variety of sections […]